Vision into Action

As Haslemere Town Council takes the lead in the final stages of consultation that will bring the Neighbourhood Plan to referendum Haslemere Vision will work to promote action on key community projects that have been identified by responses to its six year community engagement programme. To hear how Haslemere Vision plans to turn Vision into Action residents and organisations in Haslemere and the surrounding area are invited to attend the Haslemere Vision AGM at 8:00pm on Thursday 18th July at the Georgian Hotel.

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We’re nearly there! It has been over six years since the community decided to prepare the first Haslemere Vision Neighbourhood Plan (the Plan). A draft of the Plan was approved by Haslemere Town Council (HTC) at its March 2019 meeting to go to a six week public consultation shortly after the May Council elections. You will then have the chance to study the Plan in detail, attend drop-in events and give us your feedback. We’ll update you as soon as we have a version for you to read.

The main aims of the Plan are:

  • To encourage development that meets the housing needs of the community and respects the character of the area, in particular to encourage development of more homes for young people, local workers and homes suitable for downsizers
  • To protect and enrich our green spaces and the natural environment
  • To support existing employment and to encourage the development of a more diverse range of local employment opportunities
  • To re-balance road use and limit the impact of motor vehicles by improving provision for off-street parking and facilities for alternative forms of transport


Starting in 2013 more than 80 Haslemere Vision (HV) volunteers from Haslemere, Beacon Hill, Hindhead, Shottermill, Critchmere and Grayswood have organised and contributed to events, surveys and workshops to determine the views of Haslemere residents on issues important to the future development of the Town. By January 2016 HV was ready to start drafting the plan. It was important to do this in the context of a clear understanding of key provisions of the Waverley Local Plan but the new Local Plan was repeatedly delayed. Because of this completion of the Neighbourhood Plan was put on hold until January 2018 when Part 1 of the Waverley Local Plan was finally adopted. Since then HV volunteers and a working party of Haslemere town councillors have revised, reviewed and agreed the policies that are now proposed in the draft Plan.


As soon as practical after the May Council elections Haslemere residents, business and statutory bodies will be invited by HTC to comment on the draft Plan in a six-week public consultation. After any resulting changes have been made the Plan will be sent to Waverley Borough Council (WBC) who, after review, will submit it to examination by an independent inspector. WBC will then organise a referendum of all those who live within the Haslemere town boundary. If more than half of those who vote vote yes, the policies in the Plan will have legal effect. If more than half vote no there will be no Neighbourhood Plan.


Much of the process from here on is outside our control but, by the time the process described above has been completed, it is our present expectation that the Plan will come to referendum no later than the first quarter of 2020.

Haslemere Vision has received funding from the Community Development Foundation, Haslemere Town Council and the Haslemere Challice Community Fund and receives advisory support from Locality.